Our new technology planter - THE IBERIAN - NOW AVAILABLE IN SIX COLOURS

Davenport - Apple Green

The Davenport Planter is available in a range of 3 sizes and 3 colours.

The main body of the planter is finished off with a rolled over coffee coloured rim.


Belair Planters

The Belair Planter is available in a range of 2 sizes and 3 colours.  Each planter is provided with a removable plastic reservoir base. The planter is sold without drainage holes so that it can be used...


The Matrix planter has a simple lattice design which is highlighted by the two tone shades of green and blue with a darker band on the rim

Provided with a removable plastic water reservoir base.


Three good sizes of square planters with a gritty finish comprise the Soho Square Planter.  Available in two colour finishes, Limestone and Old Stone. Each planter is provided with a removable plastic...

Grey with White

The ever popular Bell Quilt Planter features a hand painted quilted design effect in 3 contrasting colour combinations.


Our 13.5" Square Floral Fluted Planter, available in Silver only, has an embossed floral pattern along the top rim and its classical design is accentuated with a fluted pattern on the outside.


A sturdy planter in four contrasting colours. The 12" New Groove Planter is a sturdy and robust bell shaped planter, available in Black with Gold, Black with Silver, Terracotta with White and Grey with...

Dice planter 1

Another new product for 2018, this retro-inspired 14" Dice planter is designed with fun in mind!  With a choice of 3 bold and vibrant colours, the Dice planter is something a bit different and a touch...


A stunning addition to the 2018 collection, the Pacific Planter makes a big impression in any location.  It is formed from a composite material of stone, resin and fibreglass, and is suitable for indoor...